So what happens when a sassy successful record company owner decides to step out from behind her business desk and slide behind a mixing desk instead ? "Liberation" that's what, cue MidLifeMix. When I first discovered Folkstock records Helen Meissner was releasing an instrumental dance track , I had to do a double take, had I read right? I was used to receiving emails from Helen as over the years I've had the pleasure of reviewing some of the talented Folk, singer/songwriters she has on her label , so I have to say this was totally unexpected and a bit of a shock to say the least, even more so because at the start of Covid Lockdown she had no production skills.....

To be honest, it wasn't boding well on paper, this could go two ways?
Turns out I absolutely bloody love it and "Liberation" is an amazing debut., It's so good I'd happily add it to a Spotify playlist and download it in a heartbeat, and as someone known for being a stickler when…

Alex Francis-Live In Munich E.P

I'm sure we've all had those moments when we hear a track and  it starts with such great musical promise that we stop what we're doing and allow that rush of  excitement to rise up from our toes to around the midway mark in anticipation, and then the vocals come in and hope and everything else drop quicker than an elevator ride at Disney?  Well thankfully that's not the case with Alex Francis. Alex is one of those Singer/Songwriters that could warble about a chip butty and make it sound sexy & credible. Already a fan of this talented chap based in London but originally from Hitchin after I reviewed him back in in 2017, I couldn't wait to get my ears around his forthcoming 4 track E.P Live In Munich, and boy it doesn't disappoint .

The first acoustic soul track "Make Believe" had me melting within 30 seconds via accomplished musicianship and vocals that slid down like honey, Just as Opera singers can shatter glass via a high pitched frequency, Alex&…

Road Man

I rarely offer up reviews straight away, I sit on someone's Twitter profile, not literally of course, apart from being extremely uncomfortable it would probably get me  arrested? 
But if I keep going back then it's for good reason and that's exactly what happened in the  case of  Road Man a.k.a Funk, Soul, Roots, Reggae man Jon Petronzio .
When I checked out his work, and  I'll get  to his new album shortly, it was the discovery of his 2014  album "Light At The Speed Of Life" and the opening track "Dangerous Road- Feat John Browns Body"  that kept reeling me back for another listen. 
Jons vocals are  very clean cut and while in a lot cases that could equate to boring, it's anything but, in fact there's a vulnerability in his tone and an honesty in his delivery which is all part of the draw. With  "Chosen"  and it's Old School Funk vibe, I was transported at the speed of a Starsky & Hutch Car chase back to the 70's.  This a…


WHOA! rarely do I come across an album where my first thought is WTF! This guy must be stoned or a crazy genius ?  Well, let me introduce you to the stoned crazy genius that is Rapper Leech and his debut album Underbite. 
Real name Aidan Nolan, he's from a  small farming town in upstate  New York called Mcdonough and was prized with the name Leech by a friend during his freshman year at College because he was so broke he never had any money for anything. hopefully that's about to change with his  9 track 20 min debut  album?  Apart from distant echoes of an early Asher Roth it's like no other rap album I've heard in recent times. I felt strangely stoned myself despite the fact all I was inhaling was caffeine & a kit kat.

The Nickname Leech wasn't the only thing he picked up as a Fresher, it was here he started to seriously discover a love for music and became obsessed with rap trioInjury Reserve &Odd Futurewhich  after checking out, I can hear were strong inf…

Cody James

The  recent Twitter follow by someone named  Cody James stopped me in my scrolling  tracks because it sounded like a name that belonged to a superstar creative, intrigued, I checked it out pronto and turns out I wasn't wrong, better still he gets creative in my fave genre so I was eager to check out  "All Gas No Breaks Ft Mvstermind"  Don't expect crotch grabbing, or  spits of   "Yo look at the size of ma Rolex" This is Cody James with his raw honest, emotional, relatable story, just as it should be. 

"I been living broke for too mafucking long,
Debt pulling up, debt collectors blowing up my phone
I just pray my mamma get the things she wish fo
Ain't no promises that Ima Ima make it home
Aye Ima tryna give back for the shit she did
Tired of living broke, I gotta change this shit
Gotta monetize the dreams I had back as a kid. Ayeee"

Living in a small town in the Southern region of Illinois with  less than 50,000 people, Cody lives by his Company Slogan…

Dax Brooks

When the furthest you've travelled is to the local shops to pick up  a jar of coffee and a bag of mint imperials, it's rather mind blowing to hear that a young boy was on his own at 16 and went on to journey through  42 countries in search of  themself and their own unique musical sound. Welcome Dax Brook with his  debut release  "Only Human."

I asked him, why so long & why now?    
Dax: "Releasing a body of work (songs) has always been a dream of mine, I've written many songs for film and television but none really for myself. Only Human is the first of many songs to come. This is a personal labor of love project that finally found its way out of my system and into the world. "  

And who inspires him? well, it turns out a very surprising mixed bag, from his dad's love of classic rock,  to his own curiosities in reggae and jazz and the likes of Sam Cook and Otis Redding. 

I have to say, when I  heard Dax's vocal I was immediately transported bac…

William Poyer

Seeing as Spiritual Records are awash with talent, when they tell you they have a new release you know you're in for a treat, cue William Poyer and his new single "Weight In Gold" . The official video shot in Mexico and directed by Jose Tato Grageda will be released on 3rd May, in the meantime check out thislive version from the Spiritual Sessions while I grab my stetson.Darn! I feel like I should be chewing Tobacco .........

The track could see Poyer elevated to where he deserves to be, it's not only incredibly catchy, it's also lyrically clever and as if with a large branding iron stamps a seal on his songwriting ability.  With an Americana vibe and a  mix of wild west & modern he puts his inspiration down to artists such as Ray  LamontagneShovels and Rope  & Jason Isbelland I can see the similarities in the sense that from a musical style they all seemingly lived well before they were born into this lifetime, maybe there's something to be said for r…

Mark Sullivan

WOW! Where have you been hiding ?  Those were the exact words I sent to Gifted Singer/Songwriter & Musician Mark Sullivan after listening to his track "Warm Your Bones" and discovering he only lives down the road in Hitchin Herts.  Turns out that far from hiding he has a majorly long impressive list of gigs that are worthy of a feature all of their own, from Dublin Castle, Opening at Wembley Arena, performing at the Houses of Parliament, Ronnie Scotts, Osfest, The Hard Rock Cafe...hey come on, leave some gigs for everybody else ?  

I had been patiently waiting since the end of  2018 for something special to come along worthy of a review and tickle my eardrums back to life, and Hallelujah "Warm Your Bones" has been well worth the wait:

His vocal tone had me thinking along the lines of  Joe Cocker & James gray, it just has that chocolate rasp quality that you never tire of listening to, an unmistakable  recording voice that's enough to warm anybodies bones.

Disciples Of Babylon

Just like good food can excite your taste buds & leave you wanting more, the similar can be said for Music & my ears have just experienced a gastronomic gourmet in the shape of Album "The Rise And Fall Of Babylon"  First track up, Freedom, & anti Trumpsters are going to love this, with lyrics: 

"Oppress us no more
We've waited for this day
Our rights have been taken
Your rule is coming to an end
The faster that we rise above
And we scream from our lungs


Cue Kickass guitar and my automatic response was to whack the volume up to max & watch as my morning cup of coffee rocked into life on top of the speaker, who the hell are these guys?  Disciples of Babylonfrom California Hollywood, that's who. Founded in 2012, Eric Knight -Lead vocals & Rhythm Guitar, Ramon Blanco on Lead guitar, Gui Bodi on Bass Guitar & Drummer Chris Toeller .

Eric, Ramon & Gui  all attended the same music …