Shimmer Johnson

When it comes to writing Music reviews I often think it's fated how I'm led to artists/bands, as again in this case, I'd clicked on a post from Midlifemix to congratulate her  on winning best Dance E.P in the Clouzine International  music awards Fall 2020, Clouzine and I ended up following each other, I checked out their page and spotted Best Pop Song award winner,  Shimmer Johnson, a stand out name if ever I've heard one, turns out her music is just as scintillating, and she's about to release her new single on 26th Oct called "Never The Same" which you can hear a snippet of right here:

Shimmer Johnson · Never Be The Same 52 Second Clip Promo
It's a poignant track about love and loss, Canadian born Shimmer lost her mother Deborah Rose several years ago and says: "Things haven't been the same ever since she left us all. Anyone who has experienced loss will hopefully be able to experience the song and connect to it in their own way to their own …

Nic Evennett-Waiting For The Leaves

It's a slightly longer article this time for reasons that will become clear,  as well as giving artists/bands a music platform in the form of an interview/ review, there's also a  human element  and in some cases subjects that deserve the time and space, so grab a cuppa or something stronger and I'll begin?  As  "Birds"  taken from the folky roots based   "Waiting For Leaves"  album scrolled by on my Twitter feed, I hit play and went from slouched to instant upright, mouth open and  a little intake of breath, also known as a gasp, not even a coffee has me moving that quickly, I  could've sworn I'd stumbled across the captivating  angelic vocals of  Lucinda Drayton, she of  "A hundred thousand angels" toonage?  Turns out I was wrong, which as you know, as a woman, doesn't happen very often?  This  celestial sound was coming from an artist called Nic Evennett and from the moment the album starts it  feels like you're entering spir…

Taylor Mayd

"On this day (20th August)  8 years ago, I lost the closest person I had in my life in a tragic accident in Spain. His name was Jake and he was my brother.I wasn't there at the time, but based on what I know from conversations with the people that were there, me and Oscar Corney Music (Who was one of his best mates) have written this, from his perspective about that night."I  believe that sometimes' we're led to places and social media pages for a reason, and the reason in this instance was an artist by the name of Taylor Mayd . 

Rarely does a song generate such an immediate unexpected reaction in me,  goosebumps, a feeling right in the pit of my stomach, now that's songwriting for ya, I'd stumbled across something very special. The realness and rawness of "Jakeys Song" really struck a chord. Talent doesn't need money, or expensive recording studios, fancy videos or  exotic locations, it can often be found in the simplest of places, like a car…


It only seems five minutes ago I was reviewing MidLifeMix's debut single  "Liberation" when I received an email to say the E.P MidLifeMix was finished, she's certainly not hanging around and I admire her gusto and drive that's for sure, I also like the six track E.P. For someone that only self taught music production at the start of lockdown she's done a cracking job.  With impressive opening number "Joyride"  it does exactly what it says in the title and takes you on a meandering musical journey, one minute I felt like a kid aboard a rollercoaster, hands up in air, the next, with hands remaining skyward  I was transported to the back of a limousine, head sticking out the sunroof and the wind in my hair  as I enjoyed this fun magical mystery ride.Next up "The Fight"  and you really get a sense of a battle within the music and even at this early doors it's clear the artist has a natural ability for instrumental storytelling, no mean feat…

Robert Lane

Robert Lane has been on my radar for some time, I've just never gotten around to giving the talented chap the review he evidently deserves, but what shifted me into gear was when I saw his latest offering "Listen In" I did
Listen In by Robert Lane My first reaction was that it would make an awesome theme song for a TV Comedy Drama, think Bread? Shameless? Citizen Smith etc? I'm hoping you're old enough to remember those blasts from the past? Robert has a down to earth vibe about him as does his sound, the type of guy you could chat with down the pub over a bottle of Bud and packet of salt and vinegar crisps, but i'm not sure he has time to do that with everything he packs into life ? Mega multitalented, he's a Singer/Songwriter, Guitar teacher, actor, who runs workshops from songwriting to comedy improvisation, he also runs regular music and drama sessions for Midland Mencap, and has his own podcast  "The Robert Lane Creative Careers Podcas…


So what happens when a sassy successful record company owner decides to step out from behind her business desk and slide behind a mixing desk instead ? "Liberation" that's what, cue MidLifeMix. When I first discovered Folkstock records Helen Meissner was releasing an instrumental dance track , I had to do a double take, had I read right? I was used to receiving emails from Helen as over the years I've had the pleasure of reviewing some of the talented Folk, singer/songwriters she has on her label , so I have to say this was totally unexpected and a bit of a shock to say the least, even more so because at the start of Covid Lockdown she had no production skills.....

To be honest, it wasn't boding well on paper, this could go two ways?  Turns out I absolutely bloody love it and "Liberation" is an amazing debut., It's so good I'd happily add it to a Spotify playlist and download it in a heartbeat, and as someone known for being a stickler when…

Alex Francis-Live In Munich E.P

I'm sure we've all had those moments when we hear a track and  it starts with such great musical promise that we stop what we're doing and allow that rush of  excitement to rise up from our toes to around the midway mark in anticipation, and then the vocals come in and hope and everything else drop quicker than an elevator ride at Disney?  Well thankfully that's not the case with Alex Francis. Alex is one of those Singer/Songwriters that could warble about a chip butty and make it sound sexy & credible. Already a fan of this talented chap based in London but originally from Hitchin after I reviewed him back in in 2017, I couldn't wait to get my ears around his forthcoming 4 track E.P Live In Munich, and boy it doesn't disappoint .

The first acoustic soul track "Make Believe" had me melting within 30 seconds via accomplished musicianship and vocals that slid down like honey, Just as Opera singers can shatter glass via a high pitched frequency, Alex&…

Road Man

I rarely offer up reviews straight away, I sit on someone's Twitter profile, not literally of course, apart from being extremely uncomfortable it would probably get me  arrested? 
But if I keep going back then it's for good reason and that's exactly what happened in the  case of  Road Man a.k.a Funk, Soul, Roots, Reggae man Jon Petronzio .
When I checked out his work, and  I'll get  to his new album shortly, it was the discovery of his 2014  album "Light At The Speed Of Life" and the opening track "Dangerous Road- Feat John Browns Body"  that kept reeling me back for another listen. 
Jons vocals are  very clean cut and while in a lot cases that could equate to boring, it's anything but, in fact there's a vulnerability in his tone and an honesty in his delivery which is all part of the draw. With  "Chosen"  and it's Old School Funk vibe, I was transported at the speed of a Starsky & Hutch Car chase back to the 70's.  This a…