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Lew Elliott

If there's any  positives to come out of Lockdown, it's that people have got to connect with their community more and speak to neighbours they'd never spoken to before, and I for one was surprised to find  that just a few doors down from me lived the talented Lew Elliott, and it just so happened he was releasing his debut single "Spinning"  seemed rude not to review it really?  The impressive thing about Lew, who is  studying music production at West Herts College is that he didn't just write the track, proving that men can multitask after all  he sang, played guitar and produced it, and as Pop offerings go it's a track he should be proud of. He certainly knows how to craft a song, musically, lyrically and vocally and produce it extremely well. While I rarely offer up a review at the start of a young persons journey as I like to watch them gain some experience and grow a bit first. Lew and his track "Spinning"  were worth making an exception for

The Eli-Lillies-

So picture the story if you will? Girl from one band and boy from another band who happen to know each other meet up and chat  about recording a Christmas song that girl has written forward 10yrs ( And I thought I was slow?)  girl, a.k.a Vocalist/Guitarist Louise Eastlock stumbles upon the song again and  writes  a new verse especially for 2020 , only this time she books a studio too and calls upon boy, a.k.a  Bassist  Matt Newman and they called upon Drummer Toby Balson and backing vocalists Sophie Gregory and  Krysia Newnan and The Eli-Lillies were formed and the song "Christmas is the  season of Love"  finally got recorded...Hurrah! But wait,... that wasn't the end?  The band who describe their sound as Brit/Pop, Indie 90's say the song is an anti pill shaming song that encourages  people to get the help and treatment they need and deserve If their  brain doesn't produce  enough neurotransmitters on it's own.  As the lyrics state: "With the rig