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Cody James

The  recent Twitter follow by someone named  Cody James  stopped me in my scrolling  tracks because it sounded like a name that belonged to a superstar creative, intrigued, I checked it out pronto and turns out I wasn't wrong, b etter still he gets creative in my fave genre so I was eager to check out  "All Gas No Breaks Ft Mvstermind "  Don't expect crotch grabbing, or  spits of   "Yo look at the size of ma Rolex"  This is Cody James with his raw honest, emotional, relatable story, just as it should be.  "I been living broke for too mafucking long, Debt pulling up, debt collectors blowing up my phone I just pray my mamma get the things she wish fo Ain't no promises that Ima Ima make it home Aye Ima tryna give back for the shit she did Tired of living broke, I gotta change this shit Gotta monetize the dreams I had back as a kid. Ayeee" Living in a small town in the Southern region of Illinois with  less than 50,000 people, Cody li