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Surburban Dirts

So 95% of music that drops through my inbox doesn't get any further....and then there's Suburban Dirts. I'm not usually one for long intros unless it's relevant and at over 1 minute long I would've usually switched off & been halfway through a Choca Mocha and  my second malted milk biscuit,  but apart from being a sucker for the sound of a violin, there was something special about the track  Eli taken from their third album "I want Blood" due for release April 2018 that held my audio attention. The lead vocal of John Wheatley  immediately had me thinking Kelly Jones Stereophonics, not a bad start, I wanted to know more.  Turns out the band come from right here in Hertfordshire, Hoddeson to be precise and have been performing on the American/roots scene since 2011 as a 4 piece but have now expanded to six: John Wheatley- Lead vocal, accoustic guitar, harmonica, Chris Varley-Bass, David Austin-Drums,Vocals, David Moyes-Guitar, Jay Seymour-Keyboards