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WHOA! rarely do I come across an album where my first thought is WTF! This guy must be stoned or a crazy genius ?  Well, let me introduce you to the stoned crazy genius that is Rapper Leech and his debut album Underbite.  Real name Aidan Nolan, he's from a  small farming town in upstate  New York called Mcdonough and was prized with the name Leech by a friend during his freshman year at College because he was so broke he never had any money for anything. hopefully that's about to change with his  9 track 20 min debut  album?  Apart from distant echoes of an early Asher Roth it's like no other rap album I've heard in recent times. I felt strangely stoned myself despite the fact all I was inhaling was caffeine & a kit kat.                                                                                                                                                                     The Nickname Leech wasn't the only thing he picked up as a Fresher, it was h