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I've long argued that the music industry is in need of a kick up the jacksy as it's still predominantly run by neanderthals sat in their offices farting and scratching their balls, and that's why awesome female producers such as Lauren Deakin Davies don't get the attention and platform that they deserve despite an impressive work back catalogue, but hopefully that's about to change?  DIDI   aka Lauren is taking centre stage as an artist in her own right, with her stonking debut single "Sorry" . ........Now,  I'm a woman that likes to be seduced from the moment an intro kicks in and DIDI didn't disappoint. As the twanging guitar cranked up, like a vortex I was sucked straight back to the days  (Late 70's early 80's) when you'd put on a 45 , think Early Blondie,  Siouxsie and the Banshees, Undertones etc?  I was smiling from ear to ear at it's  rawness and authenticity,  she could've well been playing in my living room and