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Peter Ransome

With a backlog of artists and bands to check out for review, I halted the Eargasm Column for a short while as I felt I couldn't continue until I'd paid tribute to a very dear friend and   talented local music artist Peter Ransome from St albans who sadly passed away unexpectedly at Watford General after a routine Op back in May, and to be honest it's still hard to believe his gone.                       I was first introduced to Peter in a business capacity at a venue in Hatfield way back as an 18ish yr old teenager, he was sat at a table, glass of  Courvoisier in one hand, cigarette in the other, and with his temporary big bushy beard & tanned weathered skin, lines branching out like roads of  journeys traveled he reminded me of a Jewish vagabond, something that still caused raucous laughter many years later.    He was neither of course , but like me there was always that idealistic dream of  just heading off  "Somewhere" with nothing but a guitar st