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Mark Sullivan

WOW! Where have you been hiding ?  Those were the exact words I sent to Gifted Singer/Songwriter & Musician Mark Sullivan after listening to his track "Warm Your Bones" and discovering he only lives down the road in Hitchin Herts.  Turns out that far from hiding he has a majorly long impressive list of gigs that are worthy of a feature all of their own, from Dublin Castle, Opening at Wembley Arena, performing at the Houses of Parliament, Ronnie Scotts, Osfest, The Hard Rock Cafe...hey come on, leave some gigs for everybody else ?     I had been patiently waiting since the end of  2018 for something special to come along worthy of a review and tickle my eardrums back to life, and Hallelujah "Warm Your Bones" has been well worth the wait: His vocal tone had me thinking along the lines of  Joe Cocker & James gray, it just has that chocolate rasp quality that you never tire of listening to, an unmistakable  recording voice that's enough to warm anybod