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Spiritual Records Live No.2

Scrolling through Twitter when up popped an interesting black & white photo that caught my eye with the text Spiritual Records Live No 2.  I contacted the guys to find out what they were about and what they were up to?  Turns out Spiritual Records based in Camden London was set up in 2015 so that they could release some of the artists that regularly perform live at their Spiritual Bar. Hundreds of artists and bands have passed through these doors from general singer/songwriters to blues and folk. The credible  2017 X-factor finalist & Frenchman Kevin Davey White is also a regular and appeared on Spirituals first album.  After a couple of individual artist releases, this month saw the release of Spirituals Second 10 track compilation album, it was time for the audio fest test?  As the vocals began   "To Hell With Love" by Tommy Hare   I was hit right know?  There! where a really good track hits you?  For those old enough, think 40 Malborough?  t

Great Reckoning

I was looking to kick the new year off with some balls, when as if by magic along came "Great Reckoning"  a fairly new 4 piece hailing from  Tyldesley in Greater Manchester consisting of Lewis Tooby -Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Laiton Price-Bass/Vocals,  Andrew Pendlebury-Lead Guitar, Jordan Lawley White-Drums.   I always think there's a pre-assumption when bands/artists come from this neck of the woods, it's like when a singer says they're from Wales and no matter your age you automatically think Tom Jones and expectations are high?  As for  "Great Reckoning"?  Manchester can add another corker to the list, they certainly don't disappoint.    Drawing their influence from bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters & Royal Blood the band wouldn't sound or look out of place sharing the stage with any of their superiors and are equally known for their energetic live performances.  In 2016 the band released their first single &qu