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Dax Brooks

When the furthest you've travelled is to the local shops to pick up  a jar of coffee and a bag of mint imperials, it's rather mind blowing to hear that a young boy was on his own at 16 and went on to journey through  42 countries in search of  themself and their own unique musical sound. Welcome Dax Brook with his  debut release  "Only Human." I asked him, why so long & why now?     Dax: "Releasing a body of work (songs) has always been a dream of mine, I've written many songs for film and television but none really for myself. Only Human is the first of many songs to come. This is a personal labor of love project that finally found its way out of my system and into the world. "   And who inspires him? well, it turns out a very surprising mixed bag, from his dad's love of classic rock,  to his own curiosities in reggae and jazz and the likes of Sam Cook and Otis Redding.  I have to say, when I  heard Dax's vocal I was imme

William Poyer

Seeing as Spiritual Records are awash with talent, when they tell you they have a new release you know you're in for a treat, cue William Poyer and his new single "Weight In Gold" . The official video shot in Mexico and directed by Jose Tato Grageda will be released on 3rd May, in the meantime check out this   live version from the Spiritual Sessions while I grab my stetson.    Darn! I feel like I should be chewing Tobacco ......... The track could see Poyer elevated to where he deserves to be, it's not only incredibly catchy, it's also lyrically clever and as if with a large branding iron stamps a seal on his songwriting ability.  With an Americana vibe and a  mix of wild west & modern he puts his inspiration down to artists such as Ray  Lamontagne   Shovels and Rope   & Jason Isbell     and I can see the similarities in the sense that from a musical style they all seemingly lived well before they were born into this lifetime, maybe there's som