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Helefonix- Nature's Grace

I do like an artist/band that takes a risk and doesn't give a shit whether it's popular or not, whether it will get radio play or not, they just make the music they want to make and you can either love it, leave it or bog off, and that's one of the reasons I have time for  Helefonix , she doesn't fit in, she stands out, having released what seems like a copious amount of offerings including Singles and E.Ps since  bursting  onto the scene Tada stylee only last year I was keen to hear her latest, the 11 track debut album  "Nature's Grace", you never  quite know what you're going to get with Helefonix other than it will be different and I have to admit the first thing that sprung to mind on opening track "Dawn Chorus" was "What the Fffffff?" There were birds, lots of them 9.09mins to be precise, and not of the two legged, large chested gobby variety, I suppose the clue was in the title but then I'm not the sharpest of beaks ? I re

Lew Elliott-Spirits Up E.P

It only seems like yesterday I was reviewing the poptastic debut of  Watfords  very own teen writer, musician, producer Lew Elliott after a chance meeting during Lockdown last year and the discovery that he was a neighbour, and here he is again with  debut E.P "Spirits Up.  First track up is "Lover" and what I've gaged since meeting  Lew is, he not only has a knack of writing catchy, memorable intros, he also has an annoying habit of writing that one line that holds your brain hostage like it or not  and then escapes out of your mouth, and that was the very reason I was given dodgy looks in the supermarket checkout queue the other day on    realizing  I was mumbling "She's not my lover, lover, lover, lover" Oops! I dare you not to succumb to the same fate?  Second track up is " Right With You (RWY) " and as if on cue there goes that intro and instrumental hook, it's got such an upbeat summer vibe with a production that wouldn't sound o