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Alex Francis-Live In Munich E.P

I'm sure we've all had those moments when we hear a track and  it starts with such great musical promise that we stop what we're doing and allow that rush of  excitement to rise up from our toes to around the midway mark in anticipation, and then the vocals come in and hope and everything else drop quicker than an elevator ride at Disney?  Well thankfully that's not the case with Alex Francis. Alex is one of those Singer/Songwriters that could warble about a chip butty and make it sound sexy & credible. Already a fan of this talented chap based in London but originally from Hitchin after I reviewed him back in in 2017 , I couldn't wait to get my ears around his forthcoming 4 track E.P Live In Munich, and boy it doesn't disappoint .   The first  acoustic  soul track  "Make Believe" had me melting within 30 seconds via accomplished musicianship and vocals that slid down like honey, Just as Opera singers can shatter glass via a high pitched fre