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You'd think offering up a review would be simple wouldn't you?  You come across some awesome music, contact artist or band behind awesome music and offer them a review, they respond by saying "Thanks but no thanks" or " Great, thanks, what do you need? ".....Sorted?  Only it rarely works out like that much to my frustration. Music Reviews haven't changed much since I first started out, there's just more people doing it due to social media and many people charge for that service now.  But I'm not one of those people, I do it for Free because I believe in supporting artists/bands & good music. Eargasm started life as part of my Column at the Watford Observer, where individuals & record companies would get in touch and send in their latest music offerings for review consideration, I also peruse social media looking for something special.  I'm quite a tough cookie to crack & having been around the music block it's got to be dam