Lew Elliott

If there's any  positives to come out of Lockdown, it's that people have got to connect with their community more and speak to neighbours they'd never spoken to before, and I for one was surprised to find  that just a few doors down from me lived the talented Lew Elliott, and it just so happened he was releasing his debut single "Spinning"  seemed rude not to review it really? 

The impressive thing about Lew, who is  studying music production at West Herts College is that he didn't just write the track, proving that men can multitask after all  he sang, played guitar and produced it, and as Pop offerings go it's a track he should be proud of. He certainly knows how to craft a song, musically, lyrically and vocally and produce it extremely well. While I rarely offer up a review at the start of a young persons journey as I like to watch them gain some experience and grow a bit first. Lew and his track "Spinning"  were worth making an exception for, the track certainly had enough to win me over. It's also about the potential and that's evident in bucketloads, when he's delivering tracks like this at this age and stage, I'm excited as to what he's going to be releasing in a year or two from now?


 Recording his music at Hemsptead Road Studios in Watford, Lew shared with me his love of performers that really know how to put on a show, artists like Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury, adding " I love creating and recording music but  I also thoroughly love performing on stage. At the moment I just want to experiment with different styles and genres but if pushed i'd say my overall genre right now is pop? "

And asking if lockdown had inspired him creatively? he said " I wrote  "Spinning" because I just wanted to pour a mixture of emotions into a track and see what the reception would be?  It was based on true events and talks about how I've felt during this time. It tells a story" 

And as for  future plans?  

" I'm hoping to finish my second year at College and then head off to Uni to continue studying music, keep on releasing stuff over the coming year and just see what happens? "

And I'm going to predict what happens is that due to his talent,drive and focus, he will be heading for the charts in the not so distant future not only as an artist in his own right but also as a songwriter for other artists . So remember the name Lew Elliott and remember you heard it here first?  Spinning is available for download right now and you can follow Lew on his journey over at  Instagram   & Spotify


                                                 Til next time, stay blessed,

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  1. I'll have check out his track. I've been a fan of pop during the lockdown.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, and I agree there's nothing like a bit of good ol pop to lift the mood :)


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