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Shimmer Johnson

When it comes to writing Music reviews  I often think it's fated how I'm led to artists/bands, as again in this case, I'd clicked on a post from Midlifemix to congratulate her  on winning best Dance E.P in the Clouzine International  music awards Fall 2020, Clouzine and I ended up following each other, I checked out their page and spotted Best Pop Song award winner,  Shimmer Johnson, a stand out name if ever I've heard one, turns out her music is just as  scintillating, and she's about to release her new single on 26th Oct called "Never The Same" which you can hear a snippet of right here: Shimmer Johnson · Never Be The Same 52 Second Clip Promo It's a poignant track about love and loss, Canadian born Shimmer lost her mother Deborah Rose several years ago and says: "Things haven't been the same ever since she left us all. Anyone who has experienced loss will hopefully be able to experience the song and connect to it in their own way to th

Nic Evennett-Waiting For The Leaves

  It's a slightly longer article this time for reasons that will become clear,  as well as giving artists/bands a music platform in the form of an interview/ review, there's also a  human element  and in some cases subjects that deserve the time and space, so grab a cuppa or something stronger and I'll begin?  As  "Birds"  taken from the folky roots based   "Waiting For Leaves"  album scrolled by on my Twitter feed, I hit play and went from slouched to instant upright, mouth open and  a little intake of breath, also known as a gasp, not even a coffee has me moving that quickly, I  could've sworn I'd stumbled across the captivating  angelic vocals of  Lucinda Drayton , she of  "A hundred thousand angels" toonage?  Turns out I was wrong, which as you know, as a woman, doesn't happen very often?   This  celestial sound was coming from an artist called Nic Evennett and from the moment the album starts it  feels like you're entering