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Roxanne de Bastion

Rarely have I come across a record company independent or otherwise that has shown such consistency in the quality of artists that they promote..... step up and take a much deserved bow Director of Folkstock   Arts Foundation Helen Meissener . I've just had the pleasure of listening to Roxanne de Bastion who is about to   release a double A-side single on the 28th July taken from her self-released Album Heirlooms & Hearsay. Before a musical note had left the laptop speakers I was already intrigued by her promo photos & an Audrey Hepburn vibe, they spoke of mystery and stories to be told and I was eager to hear them. First up, Heart of stone that begins "I woke up feeling old" ....yup! I was sold, a lyrically beautiful song that I'm sure many will relate to?   She describes it as a song  about  "overcoming or repentance, to wash your hands clean and start anew, to let go of those dark thoughts and memories that weigh us down"   There&#