Lew Elliott-Spirits Up E.P

It only seems like yesterday I was reviewing the poptastic debut of  Watfords very own teen writer, musician, producer Lew Elliott after a chance meeting during Lockdown last year and the discovery that he was a neighbour, and here he is again with  debut E.P "Spirits Up.  First track up is "Lover" and what I've gaged since meeting  Lew is, he not only has a knack of writing catchy, memorable intros, he also has an annoying habit of writing that one line that holds your brain hostage like it or not  and then escapes out of your mouth, and that was the very reason I was given dodgy looks in the supermarket checkout queue the other day on  realizing I was mumbling "She's not my lover, lover, lover, lover" Oops! I dare you not to succumb to the same fate? 

Second track up is "Right With You (RWY)" and as if on cue there goes that intro and instrumental hook, it's got such an upbeat summer vibe with a production that wouldn't sound out of place on BBC radio or  Capital and I confess I've been blasting this around the house since I got my hands on it, ah the perks of reviewing new music ? Third track "Spirits Up" serves up  a more stripped back  acoustic vibe that really exposes Lews vocals, that with a pureness & vulnerability he pulls off with ease.

He is hoping that listeners will relate to his lyrical honesty, saying "All the songs come from the heart, I mean what I write" and that's evident once again in the last track on this dinkum debut,  ballad "Believe Me" .

Like alot of people Lews plans went Awol when Lockdown hit but after another year or two at West Herts College he's hoping to get back into the Liverpool Institute for performing arts. In the meantime he's going to be kept busy  making new music, promoting the E.P, gigging and building up a fanbase. And the dream? "To be a well established artist/songwriter/ producer, and to perform my work all around the world"

It hasn't gone amiss that Lew resembles Olly Alexander from  Years and Years  and with the time and space to grow, I have no doubt that he is destined for similar success. 

"Spirits Up" is out 8th August  and you can show your support and follow Lews journey on Instagram & Twitter


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