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Tom Craven & The Chapter

Word Up!  it's only taken them 9 yrs, but holy moly some things are worth waiting for.  While Tom Craven has recorded & put out music as a solo artist over the past decade, The  E.P  "Take Courage" out on 30th July  is the first offering from  Tom Craven & The Chapter under the band banner, but I believe it's been to their advantage because the growth, the maturity, lyrically, vocally & musically has been well & truly nailed, Chapter and verse some might say? With a perfect blend of Folk Rock, acoustic, "Take Courage" is like listening to the soundtrack of a West End Rock/Tragedy yet to be written.  Kicking off the E.P & also debut Single "Parisian (Trial by Fire)" dramatic yet melodic, the leading man takes to the mic.  "The kiss of  life, the kiss of death, they'll save this kiss for you, A pinch of salt, the word regret & it echoes through & through"                                             

Minnie Birch

Where to start with the talent that is Minnie Birch? Plentiful as a Blackberry bush,  she's a  first-class female that puts the fact & fable into Folk. About to self-release an AA-side single John BarleyCorn/ Emeralds on the 13th July to draw attention to her second full-length album Tethered released at the end of 2017 ....... Is there no stopping this Hertfordshire lass?  Minnie has a  distinct sound, so even before her vocals enter the track "Emeralds" at 17 seconds you know whose music you're listening to. She said it was written post Brexit referendum & coupled with a personal situation left her feeling at a loss with the world  & thinking "We're not in Kansas anymore" a line from the Wizard Of Oz where Dorothy realises nothing is what it seems. In fact, there is many a lyrical nod to the Film, amongst them:  " With a Lions Mane & a Scarecrow Pride".  Minnie also created part of the percussion with her tap shows that