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Taylor Mayd

"On this day (20th August)  8 years ago, I lost the closest person I had in my life in a tragic accident in Spain. His name was Jake and he was my brother.I wasn't there at the time, but based on what I know from conversations with the people that were there, me and Oscar Corney Music (Who was one of his best mates) have written this, from his perspective about that night."I  believe that sometimes' we're led to places and social media pages for a reason, and the reason in this instance was an artist by the name of Taylor Mayd . 

Rarely does a song generate such an immediate unexpected reaction in me,  goosebumps, a feeling right in the pit of my stomach, now that's songwriting for ya, I'd stumbled across something very special. The realness and rawness of "Jakeys Song" really struck a chord. Talent doesn't need money, or expensive recording studios, fancy videos or  exotic locations, it can often be found in the simplest of places, like a car…


It only seems five minutes ago I was reviewing MidLifeMix's debut single  "Liberation" when I received an email to say the E.P MidLifeMix was finished, she's certainly not hanging around and I admire her gusto and drive that's for sure, I also like the six track E.P. For someone that only self taught music production at the start of lockdown she's done a cracking job.  With impressive opening number "Joyride"  it does exactly what it says in the title and takes you on a meandering musical journey, one minute I felt like a kid aboard a rollercoaster, hands up in air, the next, with hands remaining skyward  I was transported to the back of a limousine, head sticking out the sunroof and the wind in my hair  as I enjoyed this fun magical mystery ride.Next up "The Fight"  and you really get a sense of a battle within the music and even at this early doors it's clear the artist has a natural ability for instrumental storytelling, no mean feat…