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Disciples Of Babylon

Just like good food can excite your taste buds & leave you wanting more, the similar can be said for Music & my ears have just experienced a gastronomic gourmet in the shape of Album "The Rise And Fall Of Babylon"   First track up, Freedom, & anti Trumpsters are going to love this, with lyrics:  "Oppress us no more We've waited for this day Our rights have been taken Your rule is coming to an end The faster that we rise above And we scream from our lungs FREEDOM! GIVE US FREEDOM BACK  WE CRAVE FREEDOM  WE STAND STRONG"  Cue Kickass guitar and my automatic response was to whack the volume up to max & watch as my morning cup of coffee rocked into life on top of the speaker, who the hell are these guys?   Disciples of Babylon from California Hollywood, that's who.  Founded in 2012, Eric Knight -Lead vocals & Rhythm Guitar, Ramon Blanco on Lead guitar, Gui Bodi on Bass Guitar & Drummer Chris Toeller . Eric, Ramon & Gui