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Surburban Dirts

A Film I haven't seen yet is the simplest way to describe the new album "I Want Blood" by Suburban Dirts, but it's anything but simple.  Some of you may recall that back in December I reviewed the bands single  Eli a nd spoke about my surprise at them coming from right here in Hertfordshire?  Performing on the Americana/roots scene are John Wheatley - Lead vocal, acoustic guitar, harmonica, Chris Varley-Bass, David Austin-Drums, Vocals, David Moyes-Guitar, Jay Seymour-Keyboards & Joolz Addison-Violin . As I opened up the thoughtfully wrapped rustic packaging that dropped through the letterbox, I  smiled, realising it was just some of the words I'd use  to sum up the band.  There has without doubt been a shed load of thought gone into the making of this album, and there's a lot to say about it.........The wrapped CD slipped out of a folded card, a story in itself, but as an eager beaver I placed it to one side to read later, I wanted to hea