Helefonix (nee MidLifeMix) -Orchestral Manoeuvres EP

If you're someone that has trouble getting motivated, then check this out...or look away now?  Since lockdown Electronic muso Helefonix aka Helen Meissner has not only taught herself music production, but since her first release "Liberation" back in August 2020 she's gone on to release Two EPs a number of singles, been all over the papers whilst also permeating the airwaves via various radio stations including  BBC three counties where legendary presenter Mike Naylor has been super supportive of her sound. Another super supportive has been  Cambridge 105 where her track "Joyride" has been in their radio chart for nineteen weeks and at number one for over half that time, plus it received a record breaking 4703 votes in just one week leading radio presenter Tim Willett to call it the anthem of lockdown, she's had a name change from MidLifeMix to Helefonix, won the Clouzine Best Electronic dance EP and is just about to release her third EP Orchestral Manoeuvres on Friday 26th Feb that has already won the Clouzine best Electronic Classical EP award for Spring 2021 .....you might want to catch your breath or need to go for a lie down at this point? 

This is an artist who hasn't put a musical foot wrong since the off, and her forthcoming release is sure to be another success, it's a brave move to veer into the classical playground, but then Helefonix has already proven she's not one to shy away from achieving goals and  pushing boundaries. While classical the new EP still retains the  contemporary feel of her other works and it still has that unique Helefonix stamp running throughout. With the opening track "Evolution" we're treated to dramatic Violins that conjure up the image of a tango, the track builds with more orchestral sounds and the surprising twists and turns that I've come to love and look forward to with this artist.

With "Reflection" I detect an RnB vibe going on and with Transformation and last track Reconnection there's a menagerie of instruments that keep things exciting, Helefonix sound is quite indescribable  and I can only urge you to take your own journey and experience it for yourself, go on I dare you?    

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