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Zoë Wren

As someone who hears, analyses and can appreciate every element of a track in minute detail from lyrics, cowbells, brightening effects to an accidently recorded studio trump, I've always considered myself the queen geek/nerd of music..........But cue Folk-Inspired Singer/Songwriter   Zoë   Wren who Is on another level, we're talking the chocolate hobnob of nerdiness here but it's fascinating for one so young, as is her new Six track E.P  Gold & Smoke out for official release on 3rd March. First to the music, as someone who is a bit wary when it comes to that medieval folk vibe,  I breathed a sigh of relief, not a  Nonny-Nonny-No in earshot.  In fact, ther e's a significant continuity throughout the E.P that flows like a gentle stream in the form of  Zoës vocals, beautiful is a thought that surfaces rather a lot, along with  pure.  There were also some lovely lyrics, so simple and poetic it took me back to courting days.   In Gold & Smoke, she sings "Go

Amy & The Calamities

I was introduced to Amy & The Calamities via the jam-packed talent that I recently reviewed on   Spiritual Live No.2 Album. Amy had a track on it "Now That I Know This". She is also releasing her own 6 track E.P this week titled:  "The Suspects"  I'd assumed Amy & The Calamities were a band?  If I'd checked out Youtube first I would've had my answer? DOH! was time to find out more. She is, in fact, Amy Wawn a solo singer/songwriter/ musician hailing from Zimbabwe, the added  "Calamities" came about after a jokey conversation with her best friend who coined the phrase after an open mic night in Cape Town, about the comedic mishaps on stage. It's also about the coming together of friends and spontaneous performances that give way to mistakes, As Amy believes, all part of being human, and part of learning and growing.    Now that's sorted it was time for me to check out the E.P. and first track Bless, straight away