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April Blue

So my inbox pinged the other day, it was Ian Morcher from local Hertfordshire band April Blue just letting me know they were releasing  a new single on 31st August. I've followed AB's career after hearing them  on a local radio show presented by Nia Visser   some years back,  but it suddenly dawned on me I'd not given them an Eargasm Feature yet ......Sacre bleu! This needed rectifying.  So who are April Blue & what have they been up too?  Well they describe themselves as a rock band with an RnB heart, (right) Ozz LP - vocal & guitar , Ian Morcher - Vocals, Bass & MPC, Sarah Payne-Keyboards & Saxaphone & while there's no permanent drummer, it's Casey Cronyn (pictured) & Andy Robinson that are stepping up for the studio and live stuff, although on the new single the drums have been programmed & played on MPC . Then I found out the new release is going to be a cover of Gary Numans Cars.....Oh Oh ?   "Cars by April Blue is a

Alex Francis

There's not much that gets my nether regions rumbling  these days.....erm? .... a well made cappuccino, a large slice of cheesecake,....and now I've just added the soulful rasping vocals of Alex Francis to the list, what a voice! Before reading his bio i'd just assumed he was from the states, the quality and production of his new EP  "These Words" from vocal to musicianship screamed stateside, but while he has been touring the US and been working with production team Truth & Soul, the duo responsible for the classic sound of  Amy Winehouse & Adele, he originally hails from Hitchin in Hertfordshire..... What?  I always think its a travesty when we have great talent like Alex not getting the  attention they deserve here in the UK, the same thing I ranted about when Craig David  first came on the scene, tell me I'm wrong?  But hopefully that's about to change?  there's definitely an old soul residing in Alex, and as I sat listening to th