It only seems five minutes ago I was reviewing MidLifeMix's debut single  "Liberation" when I received an email to say the E.P MidLifeMix was finished, she's certainly not hanging around and I admire her gusto and drive that's for sure, I also like the six track E.P. For someone that only self taught music production at the start of lockdown she's done a cracking job. 

With impressive opening number "Joyride"  it does exactly what it says in the title and takes you on a meandering musical journey, one minute I felt like a kid aboard a rollercoaster, hands up in air, the next, with hands remaining skyward  I was transported to the back of a limousine, head sticking out the sunroof and the wind in my hair  as I enjoyed this fun magical mystery ride.

Next up "The Fight"  and you really get a sense of a battle within the music and even at this early doors it's clear the artist has a natural ability for instrumental storytelling, no mean feat even for a pro.

With "Continental drift" just close your eyes and you find yourself drifting in a small boat somewhere off the mediterranean, sun beating down, smell of coconut lotion, it's the chilled holiday vibe i'm sure most of us could do with right now? The E.P continues with "Lonestar" and with it's gritty guitar intro i'm transported to a wild west saloon, feet up on the table, chewing on tobacco and just about to knock back a whiskey when  it changes to a lighter  more modern vibe as if thrown into 2020 before ending as it began . Summer Chill" is a classy electronic track with asian and jazz notes that like the tide  subtly sweep in and out. The E.P ends with  debut Single  "Liberation" that I reviewed back in August. 

I've got to be honest, I'm not a big fan of instrumental  and tend to find it a tad boring, as with all music it's got have that something special, not just to grab, but to also hold my ear lobes open for the entire duration and I can tell you the MidLifeMix E.P did just  that. Her compositions are an exciting combo  of  sounds & anticipation, you never quite know where the track is going to lead.  As founder of Folkstock records, she may have just slipped out from behind her desk and arrived on the scene as an artist in her own right, but let me tell you she's already marking her musical territory with her own unique stamp, 

With great reviews, media coverage and radio play snowballing there's no  Midlife Crisis here,  just a lady with incredible talent who means business  and she does it so freakin well. The E.P is released on 25th September so not long to wait now, and it's one she should be incredibly proud of . But you don't have to wait that long to hear it, as from today Friday  18th Sept she is making it streamable on Soundcloud 

You can also follow MidLifeMix and show your support on her website and social media:  MidLifeMix  Twitter  Facebook  

                                               Til Next Time, Stay Blessed.

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