Dax Brooks

When the furthest you've travelled is to the local shops to pick up  a jar of coffee and a bag of mint imperials, it's rather mind blowing to hear that a young boy was on his own at 16 and went on to journey through  42 countries in search of  themself and their own unique musical sound. Welcome Dax Brook with his  debut release  "Only Human."

I asked him, why so long & why now?    
Dax: "Releasing a body of work (songs) has always been a dream of mine, I've written many songs for film and television but none really for myself. Only Human is the first of many songs to come. This is a personal labor of love project that finally found its way out of my system and into the world. "  

And who inspires him? well, it turns out a very surprising mixed bag, from his dad's love of classic rock,  to his own curiosities in reggae and jazz and the likes of Sam Cook and Otis Redding. 

I have to say, when I  heard Dax's vocal I was immediately transported back to  Old school soul, Al green, The Chi-lites, Donny Hathaway, and The Stylistics among others; everything from production to song structure  more than pays homage and yet it doesn't sound out of place in 2019, and that's the mark of a great artist who has honed their craft, knows exactly who they are, where they are going, and delivers with style. 

While  he admittedly writes across many  genres there is no mistaken that vocal and you can expect to hear more from this  Soulster very soon. Having recorded his debut E.P  only Human with Alabama Shakes producer Andrija Tokic in East Nashville, once back in L.A  he hooked up with award winning Multi Platinum Producer/Mixer/Engineer Jason Schweitzer, responsible for twiddling the knobs  on tracks such as:  Won't back down by Eminem ft Pink, Stand Up For Coloured Girls (Soundtrack) Macy Gray, to John Legends forthcoming album and a whole mightily impressive list of other tracks and artists .

In the meantime enjoy "Only Human" which is available to download now & you can also follow Dax and show your support on the links below. 

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