Minnie Birch

Where to start with the talent that is Minnie Birch? Plentiful as a Blackberry bush, she's a first-class female that puts the fact & fable into Folk.

About to self-release an AA-side single John BarleyCorn/ Emeralds on the 13th July to draw attention to her second full-length album Tethered released at the end of 2017 .......
Is there no stopping this Hertfordshire lass? 
Minnie has a  distinct sound, so even before her vocals enter the track "Emeralds" at 17 seconds you know whose music you're listening to. She said it was written post Brexit referendum & coupled with a personal situation left her feeling at a loss with the world  & thinking "We're not in Kansas anymore" a line from the Wizard Of Oz where Dorothy realises nothing is what it seems. In fact, there is many a lyrical nod to the Film, amongst them: " With a Lions Mane & a Scarecrow Pride".  Minnie also created part of the percussion with her tap shows that are Ruby Red, which as she said was "Rather Fitting".  

The film references are also rather apt  coming from a lady that  could well be  described as a modern-day Dorothy,  she has the ability to see the world and those around her with a childs vivid imagination & curious eyes, exudes kindness and compassion especially towards those that are different and is brave enough to stand up to injustice, and with that said there is no separating Minnie and her music.... they are one. 

The track John BarleyCorn is an old traditional Folk song that  local creative Mark  Crane Commissioned her to  rework for his film based on Leslie Tates memoirs "Heavens Rage" 
with guest vocalist Cian Davis of Molly & the Beekeepers, it had traces of the same dark haunting vibe of Kylie Minogue/Nick Drake  "Where the wild roses grow"  I say traces because Birch & Davis vocals blend so superbly and the quality of the track produced by Lauren Deakin Davies means this is on a totally different level of class. I can't tell you the number of times I've played this track since receiving it, there's something very special about it. 

"I just felt the track needed another haunting vocal because the moment in the film, itself-for-me is all about the many demons of alcoholism and the different lives, the protagonists lives , the different sides of himself he feels he can or can't show to people, so it made sense for there to be another vocal" said Minnie.

This gem of a lady also finds time between her busy schedule to work with prisoners, helping to develop their musical skills and also record stories to send back home to their children, but humans aren't the only ones to benefit from Minnies big heart, she's been bringing up an orphaned duckling, which has entailed a helluva lot of work and a helluva lot of  poop but determination is something this lady has in bucket loads, and bucket loads of radio play is  what  I'm predicting for  this John BarleyCorn/ Emeralds AA release, available for Pre Order on BandCamp  

In the meantime, you can  check out Minnie on her website   where you'll find all her social media links & be able to follow her & show support. 

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