Great Reckoning

I was looking to kick the new year off with some balls, when as if by magic along came "Great Reckoning"  a fairly new 4 piece hailing from  Tyldesley in Greater Manchester consisting of Lewis Tooby -Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Laiton Price-Bass/Vocals,  Andrew Pendlebury-Lead Guitar, Jordan Lawley White-Drums.  
I always think there's a pre-assumption when bands/artists come from this neck of the woods, it's like when a singer says they're from Wales and no matter your age you automatically think Tom Jones and expectations are high?  As for  "Great Reckoning"?  Manchester can add another corker to the list, they certainly don't disappoint.   
Drawing their influence from bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters & Royal Blood the band wouldn't sound or look out of place sharing the stage with any of their superiors and are equally known for their energetic live performances. 

In 2016 the band released their first single "House Of Cards"  and this was followed by their first 5 track  E.P  "Owls Eye" in February 2017.

It was 6.45am when I gave it a listen "Do you hide the scraps of paper? Do you hide them under your bed?  Do you do it twice maybe three times over?" sings Lewis with equal gusto & energy as the rest of the bands' musicianship.  The opening track was enough to blast away any morning cobwebs, with its solid catchy riff who needs coffee when you can wake up to this?  Another exciting Riff on track 2  and the E.P's title track "Owls Eye"  musically gave me distant memories of a very early Blondie, think  "Detroit 442" era, or maybe that's just me?  other tracks:  Back To Reality, Mary & House Of Cards leave no mistaking the boys mean business.
Looking at 2018, With some notable  hometown gigs under their belt, radio play &  positive reviews, the band are planning to keep writing and recording, release some music videos and grow their fan base with gigs throughout the UK & by my reckoning they're only going to get greater, defo one to watch and catch live if you can. 
Owl's Eye E.P  is available to purchase on Apple Music You can also show your support & find out what the lads are up to by following their social media pages  Facebook  Twitter , SoundCloud  Instagram.
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                                          Til Next Time, Stay Blessed
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