Alex Francis

There's not much that gets my nether regions rumbling  these days.....erm? .... a well made cappuccino, a large slice of cheesecake,....and now I've just added the soulful rasping vocals of Alex Francis to the list, what a voice!

Before reading his bio i'd just assumed he was from the states, the quality and production of his new EP  "These Words" from vocal to musicianship screamed stateside, but while he has been touring the US and been working with production team Truth & Soul, the duo responsible for the classic sound of  Amy Winehouse & Adele, he originally hails from Hitchin in Hertfordshire..... What?  I always think its a travesty when we have great talent like Alex not getting the  attention they deserve here in the UK, the same thing I ranted about when Craig David  first came on the scene, tell me I'm wrong? 
But hopefully that's about to change?  there's definitely an old soul residing in Alex, and as I sat listening to the EP a  gazillion names soared across my cerebrum  ( For those more used to pictures? front of brain) from Jim Croce, Al green, Robin Thicke  to Curtis Stigers. Any of the 5 tracks could be singles which just highlights the standard of his songwriting ability, but first track "The Last Time" is the chosen one, an uptempo catchy acoustic which is a great opener. The video for it is a montage of his year so far, from performances at the Isle Of White Festival  & Live At Leeds, to scenes from his tour of the US & supporting Melanie C across the UK & Europe. 

Second track "Somewhere In a Memory" drops down to a a really intimate sexy soulful spill of the heart where you find yourself caught up as if part of the story. 

Third track  "Borderline"  takes you further into that intimate space and by the forth track  I'm feeling well and truly warm and fuzzy. "Make Believe"  is a hit in every sense of the word . 

His  clear distinguished vocals make it so easy to want to sing along, and  track five  "Won't Get You Nowhere" will have you doing just that , my only disappointment? at 2.55 the track was too short. I didn't want the EP to end, Alex just has one of those vocals that you could listen to all night.

you can  catch him Live tonight 1st August  at Camden Assembly, August 2oth at the Smoked and Uncut Festival Bath,  Goatsfest Festival Codicote & August 26th Chase Park Festival Whickham. The EP is available now on Spotify    &  ITunes   
& you can follow him on  Facebook  Twitter  &  Instagram  .  One thing's for certain you won't be hearing the name Alex Francis for  "The Last Time".   

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                                 Til Next Time, Stay Blessed
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