April Blue

So my inbox pinged the other day, it was Ian Morcher from local Hertfordshire band April Blue just letting me know they were releasing  a new single on 31st August. I've followed AB's career after hearing them  on a local radio show presented by Nia Visser some years back, but it suddenly dawned on me I'd not given them an Eargasm Feature yet ......Sacre bleu! This needed rectifying. 
So who are April Blue & what have they been up too?  Well they describe themselves as a rock band with an RnB heart, (right) Ozz LP - vocal & guitar , Ian Morcher - Vocals, Bass & MPC, Sarah Payne-Keyboards & Saxaphone & while there's no permanent drummer, it's Casey Cronyn (pictured) & Andy Robinson that are stepping up for the studio and live stuff, although on the new single the drums have been programmed & played on MPC .

Then I found out the new release is going to be a cover of Gary Numans Cars.....Oh Oh ?  

"Cars by April Blue is a spacious, deep R&B version with soulful vocals, brand new lyrics and musical arrangement, to update and pay homage to one of the worlds best loved pop songs. It's a reworking of Gary Newmans classic, just in time to celebrate his brand new Pledge Music funded album "Savage" also out this year"

Having read that, I was a tad apprehensive to hit the play button in case it was more Car crash than Cruise?  

But ...(Breathes a sigh of relief) turns out it's a Formula one track that I'm sure Mr Numan will be mightily impressed by & one of the best covers of a song I've heard in a very long time, so awesomely different it doesn't even sound like a cover, it sounds like April Blue at their best. Although it's not available to view publicly yet, they've very kindly given me  permission to post it here, so you lot can get to see  & hear it right now 😮😎. You can show your appreciation by subscribing to their YouTube Channel where you'll be able to check out all their old stuff and new of course.  
The track's full of surprises with plenty of hooks vocally & musically and just when you think it can't get any better, Mr MC Morcher steps from behind the MPC and takes over from Ozz's distinctive dulcet tones with a spit credible enough to get him a speeding ticket, and don't be thinking band mate Sarah is just a cog in the wheel, as an accomplished musician she brings equal talent and a balance that suits the bands dynamics. 
Always  thinking outside the box, they've been  promoting the single in the same way they recorded their video, by touring across the UK in their car with their PA fixed to the back & spontaneously entertaining audiences.With an impressive catalogue of songs and awards to match, April Blue mean business.

The band have their own website APRIL BLUE  You can also follow them on Facebook    Twitter   Instagram
AND.....you can get in contact with them  by clicking  Here

All their releases are available to purchase via Itunes, spotify & as CD's from their store page & don't forget new Single  "Cars"  out on the 31st. There's no doubting April Blue are going places, so buckle up and enjoy the ride. 
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                              Til Next Time, Stay Blessed
                                    Back Before Elvis x