So what happens when a sassy successful record company owner decides to step out from behind her business desk and slide behind a mixing desk instead ? "Liberation" that's what, cue MidLifeMix. When I first discovered Folkstock records Helen Meissner was releasing an instrumental dance track , I had to do a double take, had I read right? I was used to receiving emails from Helen as over the years I've had the pleasure of reviewing some of the talented Folk, singer/songwriters she has on her label , so I have to say this was totally unexpected and a bit of a shock to say the least, even more so because at the start of Covid Lockdown she had no production skills.....

To be honest, it wasn't boding well on paper, this could go two ways? 
Turns out I absolutely bloody love it and "Liberation" is an amazing debut., It's so good I'd happily add it to a Spotify playlist and download it in a heartbeat, and as someone known for being a stickler when it comes to giving out reviews that's no mean feat. 

Helen  started Folkstock records in 2013, as she says "To specifically shine a light on 
talented independent artists in Hertfordshire" Already impressed with the indie scene
due to ferrying her young daughters  band "The Folk" around for gigs, the band were
often booked for Folk clubs due to their name and she ended up being introduced 
to a scene she didn't even know existed .This prompted her to bravely put on a 
festival with 77 acts spanning four stages and so ,she gained a new career. Just a few
of the acts she was impressed with and supported on the Folkstock label were 
Kelly Oliver who went on to have a number of tracks played on Radio 2 and written
praise in the Sunday Times. 

Helen's daughter Lauren was dabbling in production  and taking AS Music at the time
and was drafted in to record the artists, Helen continued to learn on the job, but
evidently her plugging and promotion skills were going well and it was while 
accompanying Kelly to London for Gaby Roslins radio show in 2016 she met another
artist Kate Dimbleby who was singing acapella , it was another unusual project for 
Lauren to get her hands on and Kates album Songbirds went on to win accolades from
most of the major broadsheets and received radio play aplenty. She also helped to
promote daughter Laurens own music project  DiDI .There have been 50 releases so far
from probably the same number of artists including Helens husband Joe Rose who 
started singing last year and has also been played on Radio 2. With all that in mind is it
any wonder that just before lockdown Helen announced she was taking a break from 
the label and promotion?  "I was just burnt out" she said. 
But at the start of June, after a few months recuperation little did she realise that a 
simple question to her husband  "How can I access Garageband from your Ipad?"  was
about to open up a whole new world and direction and reveal  this dormant creative 
talent that's been just as much of a shock to Helen as it has for those  who know her.

The technical side didn't come easy mind, she spent many frustrating hours and days
trying to  master production, only to be told by her daughter "It sounds like a demo"  
So she had to go back to the drawing board and weeks later was on the verge of  
chucking in the towel. "I was told that the tracks couldn’t even be mixed by someone else
(it was an option I thought of) as they were so bad and in such a mess.I nearly gave up" 
But thankfully Helen had a breakthrough and gradually step by step it all
started coming together and  after  some tough love  from Lauren who she says was
"honest but supportive" the track  "Liberation" was finally born. 

Scheduled to be released on the 14th August the track is already generating excitement and within two days of being put on Soundcloud  was played on Amazing Radio. While
she has no intention of gigging Helen is feeling recharged and looking forward to
whatever lies ahead. So can we expect more dance music ? 
"I am making it for my own enjoyment and have decided not to confine myself to a genre. It’s all about going with the flow for me! If what I am creating hits someone else’s buttons then that’s an added bonus! I put the song on a digital aggregator with the view nothing ventured nothing gained. I hope it gets some streams on release, It will be really cool asking Alexa to play MidLifeMix Liberation!"
Very cool indeed, it's a catchy interesting track that like its creator has many layers, and make's you want to hit play again the moment it's finished, and having been privy to hearing more material from MidLifeMix, I can say it's not just dance music or electronic music, it's instrumental class and i'm very much looking forward to being a spectator of her impending success, one that she thoroughly deserves . Having spent years supporting other artists in their bid for a music career, She couldn't have chosen a more apt title for her own debut single, and the inspiring, talented MidLifeMix will have us all kicking off our shoes  crying freedom  and dancing...if you're ready, It's time to get Liberated? 

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