WHOA! rarely do I come across an album where my first thought is WTF! This guy must be stoned or a crazy genius ?  Well, let me introduce you to the stoned crazy genius that is Rapper Leech and his debut album Underbite. 
Real name Aidan Nolan, he's from a  small farming town in upstate  New York called Mcdonough and was prized with the name Leech by a friend during his freshman year at College because he was so broke he never had any money for anything. hopefully that's about to change with his  9 track 20 min debut  album?  Apart from distant echoes of an early Asher Roth it's like no other rap album I've heard in recent times. I felt strangely stoned myself despite the fact all I was inhaling was caffeine & a kit kat.                                                                                                                                                                   

The Nickname Leech wasn't the only thing he picked up as a Fresher, it was here he started to seriously discover a love for music and became obsessed with rap trio Injury Reserve & Odd Future  which  after checking out, I can hear were strong influences, but that doesn't take away from the fact that Underbite is very much Leeches own unique creation. When you listen to alot of albums  many of them can be rather Vanilla  &  tend to have a linear vibe, Yaaaaaaaaawn! but that is so not the case here. 

An equally stand out factor is the production, all hail Elda, with  a combined age of 40 this creative pairing are a mightily exciting force to be reckoned with. Even more amazing, is the fact that Leech only decided to try his own hand at music last summer 2018 & never intended to release an album so early on, but encouraged by friends and with a ton of tracks written he decided to go for it. 
I believe you have to grab a listener within the first few seconds and  hearing the opening bars of Bongo,  Leech's expressive vocal doesn't disappoint  as it starts  "Clap clap clap clap clap clap Stop, Clap clap clap here we Fuckin go,  ( And hook) What's up? What's good? How ya been man?  the  track has a drive about it from start to finish  but the production keeps changing throughout leaving you not knowing what's coming next and that's true of the entire album. 

His videos are just as bonkers as his music, but that's what makes this uber talented creative so listenable and watchable.  

When his not making music he's grabbing life by the balls because he believes it's a waste to waste time and likes to be doing something, whether it's skating, making scrambled eggs or walking his dog Chico .

With features from  Zoë with 2 dots also banzai florist  Edward Glen  this is an amazing debut album that Leech and Elda should be proud of.  If you like different?  Off the wall ?  Creatives that don't walk the line?  Then Underbite is something you're going to want to get your teeth into. I for one, love it and look forward to the future that is Leech. You can Follow  and show your support at:  Spotify    Instagram   Twitter  Youtube   Apple Music       Soundcloud

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