Cody James

The  recent Twitter follow by someone named  Cody James  stopped me in my scrolling  tracks because it sounded like a name that belonged to a superstar creative, intrigued, I checked it out pronto and turns out I wasn't wrong, better still he gets creative in my fave genre so I was eager to check out  "All Gas No Breaks Ft Mvstermind"  Don't expect crotch grabbing, or  spits of   "Yo look at the size of ma Rolex" This is Cody James with his raw honest, emotional, relatable story, just as it should be. 

"I been living broke for too mafucking long,
Debt pulling up, debt collectors blowing up my phone
I just pray my mamma get the things she wish fo
Ain't no promises that Ima Ima make it home
Aye Ima tryna give back for the shit she did
Tired of living broke, I gotta change this shit
Gotta monetize the dreams I had back as a kid. Ayeee"

Living in a small town in the Southern region of Illinois with  less than 50,000 people, Cody lives by his Company Slogan "Keep It Local, Make It Global" and very much believes in  helping others  and backs this up by  representing "Underground Collective Support Art"  boasting 15 talented  producers and music  artists, where he is also creative marketing director . 

A man after my own heart, he doesn't do labels and instead of specific genres prefers to refer to himself as a "Painter of Words" a "Sculptor Over Beats"    
"So, you don't think of yourself as a  Rap-Hiphop artist?" I asked.
"I guess you could say I am, but with a twist"  he replied . Due to a minority of artists/bands and  lazyass media there is  often a misconception of  rap/hiphop which gives the genre a bad image and this is something Cody is  keen to distance himself from,  he's an "Against The Grain" Rapper, all about the bars and the punchlines. 

While he reckons it was listening to Kanye  College Dropout that took him deeper down the Rap road,  the real love affair began after hearing artists such as Common, Andre 3k, & Lupe to name just a few.His daily listens are eclectic though ranging from John Mayer  to  J Cole depending on his mood. 
Recently sponsored by College bar Spikes, he plans to keep writing & recording and  building on his impressive resume, but his ultimate goal is to pave the way for others in his City. Cody is definitely one of the good guys in the business that you want to succeed,  and I 'm left in no doubt that with his grit and determination they'll be nick naming him the Pied Piper of Illinois,
You can  check out more of his toons & follow Cody at: Website   Facebook  Twitter

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