Disciples Of Babylon

Just like good food can excite your taste buds & leave you wanting more, the similar can be said for Music & my ears have just experienced a gastronomic gourmet in the shape of Album "The Rise And Fall Of Babylon"  First track up, Freedom, & anti Trumpsters are going to love this, with lyrics: 

"Oppress us no more
We've waited for this day
Our rights have been taken
Your rule is coming to an end
The faster that we rise above
And we scream from our lungs


Cue Kickass guitar and my automatic response was to whack the volume up to max & watch as my morning cup of coffee rocked into life on top of the speaker, who the hell are these guys?  Disciples of Babylon from California Hollywood, that's who. Founded in 2012, Eric Knight -Lead vocals & Rhythm Guitar, Ramon Blanco on Lead guitar, Gui Bodi on Bass Guitar & Drummer Chris Toeller .

Eric, Ramon & Gui  all attended the same music school while Chris attended another & are all seasoned musicians in their own right, individually performing with the likes of Aerosmith, Kiss, The Dave Matthews band & Kid Rock. 

Ramon was living in an apartment block where in the same complex lived an up and coming producer Andres Torres, they'd already struck up a friendship without really knowing what the other did, it was only later Ramon found out that Andres was a  drummer and a producer, and Andres found out that Ramon was in a band, it was only a matter of time before they all got together. Andres was so impressed with the bands passion for Rock music and how well they all gelled together that he ended up playing drums as well as producing the Album. 
Some of you may be familiar with the name Andres Torres & that's because the Grammy award-winner was responsible for producing the biggest Latin hit of last summer Despacito with Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee feat Justin Beiber. If that wasn't enough, the album was mastered by Grammy-nominated Joe LaPorta best known for his work with  Foo Fighters, Muse & Imagine Dragons to name but a few, generating a sizeable buzz around this release, not that it needs one. 

Second track up "Without you"  & the first track I actually heard after the band and I followed each other on Twitter. Halfway through the first verse I knew I was listening to Something that is going to be globally huge, Rarely have I  pressed pause so quickly and got in touch about a review.  Hear why for yourselves......

Third track   "We Are The Ones" 
"Desire the thoughts that creep through our minds
That fire that builds you up inside
Get up and take a stand
The powers in our hands
We'll fight until the end... because?..."

We start to see a theme running through the lyrics, not  of angry young men but musicians with substance determined to use their gift for wordery to make a difference, this isn't disposable Rock, each track ingeniously crafted to form an addictive melodic Anthem ...I'm hooked.
Eric's vocals meander through tender and emotional to war ready warrior & next track "Lift"  is no exception, it ends with yet another to die for guitar solo.  "Idiosyncrasies"  is a track about Eric's relationship with himself & the different sides & quirky traits that make up who he is. I, for one can relate to this, 

"To keep my sanity
I really want to believe in us
In you and me
There's harmony
But I'll fight
To keep my spirit free
I really want to believe in u"

"Simple Life" is anything but simple, I think as complicated human beings most people will be able to relate to this thought-provoking song  & as if not to disappoint the lead guitar seems to cry in empathy. Another solid track, vocally, instrumentally and in terms of quality, it's evident Disciples of Babylon are Gold. 

"Civilized" completes this epic creation and we start as we began, with a Kickass finale that will have the crowds on their feet, it's a fast & furious head-on performance. Ironically one of the verses starts: " I'm stuck on repeat"  and I can't help thinking that replaying the D.O.B Album which I guarantee I'll be doing is a great place to be stuck?  The band have their sight set on global domination and if "The Rise And Fall Of Babylon" is anything to go by the world better get ready to rock, grab your air guitars the Disciples are coming.....

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