Zoë Wren

As someone who hears, analyses and can appreciate every element of a track in minute detail from lyrics, cowbells, brightening effects to an accidently recorded studio trump, I've always considered myself the queen geek/nerd of music..........But cue Folk-Inspired Singer/Songwriter  Zoë Wren who Is on another level, we're talking the chocolate hobnob of nerdiness here but it's fascinating for one so young, as is her new Six track E.P  Gold & Smoke out for official release on 3rd March.

First to the music, as someone who is a bit wary when it comes to that medieval folk vibe, I breathed a sigh of relief, not a Nonny-Nonny-No in earshot.  In fact, there's a significant continuity throughout the E.P that flows like a gentle stream in the form of Zoës vocals, beautiful is a thought that surfaces rather a lot, along with  pure. 
There were also some lovely lyrics, so simple and poetic it took me back to courting days.  In Gold & Smoke, she sings "Gold & Smoke are my romance tonight, I'll lie in the arms of victory's might"   And In "If I Had A Voice"  one of those clever lines most Songwriters wished they'd written, "I've been written out of my own song" ?  
As well as nerdiness, add wild imagination to the compliments, For Zoë has an in-depth story and explanation for each track that belies her years, which leaves you wondering if she's walked this earth before?

In the track "Lady Mary"  there is such maturity to her vocal and storytelling delivery, you'd be forgiven for thinking you were listening to a middle-aged pro.

In the last five years she's been busy honing her craft and really making an impressive impact on the music scene. Which has included being the youngest person to play the main stage at the  2013 Folkstock festival, at just 16 & went on to record her First E.P Pandoras box, also with Folkstock. She's been played on  BBC2 radio on the Whispering Bob Harris show, been reviewed in the Sunday Times Culture Magazine by Clive Davis and was chosen by Ralph McTell to open for him at the Cambridge Corn Exchange in 2017
You know you're in for a treat when somethings been recorded/produced by the multi-talented Lauren Deakin Davies. 
Gold & Smoke has six beautiful tracks and  Gold is just how Zoë Wrens future is looking after this. 

you can follow her  via: Website  Facebook   Twitter   And don't forget 3rd March The E.P is released on Folkstock Records 

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                                Til Next Time. Stay Blessed
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