Robert Lane

Robert Lane has been on my radar for some time, I've just never gotten around to giving the talented chap the review he evidently deserves, but what shifted me into gear was when I saw his latest offering "Listen In" I did

My first reaction was that it would make an awesome theme song for a TV Comedy Drama, think Bread? Shameless? Citizen Smith etc? I'm hoping you're old enough to remember those blasts from the past? Robert has a down to earth vibe about him as does his sound, the type of guy you could chat with down the pub over a bottle of Bud and packet of salt and vinegar crisps, but i'm not sure he has time to do that with everything he packs into life ? Mega multitalented, he's a Singer/Songwriter, Guitar teacher, actor, who runs workshops from songwriting to comedy improvisation, he also runs regular music and drama sessions for Midland Mencap, and has his own podcast  "The Robert Lane Creative Careers Podcast" where he chats with a variety of other creatives about their work and how they create it.

"Listen In" is one of those annoyingly catchy songs that you find yourself singing in your head while waiting for your toast to......well, toast, and when you're walking around the house trying to remember what you're supposed to be doing, AND...yes there's more, even when you're trying to get to sleep, I know this because tis me that has fallen victim to the tracks addictive chorus. So Robert, what is it about? 
"When it was recorded it was about asking people to listen to me and my creativity. The lyrics explore themes of insecurity and inadequacy about ones place in the world, and I was also using it as a message to yours truly to stop comparing myself to others so much and enjoy what's happening in the moment. As we collectively  began to go through the last three months the song took on a whole new meaning to me.  

I feel it reflects the fact that we should all listen to each other more as everyone is struggling in their own way through the pandemic and lockdown, it feels like most of the world is on "broadcast" rather than "receive" and we aren't really seeing or hearing each other in a good way"

There are plenty of offerings from Robert and plenty of stand out tracks from his multiple releases over the years, a few of my own personal favourites are  "One Of Those Guys" from his 13 track Robert Lane CD,  it's another one of those foot tapping, head nodding, incredibly catchy tracks that will be going straight on the Spotify player, along with "Tear Drop Tattoo" taken from seven track "Starts and Ends" CD  and reaffirms  Robert as the extraordinary storyteller that he is. and "Who Do You Think You're Talking For" taken from his  Eleven track "Only A Flight Away" CD:

I'm always interested to know how someone got into music and if there was a defining moment?  Robert explained there were a number of things including coming across a  documentary that had some guitar playing by BB King and also going to a Rufus Wainwright gig because his mate had a spare ticket. As someone whose humour gravitates towards tracks such as "Unhappy anniversary" I couldn't help thinking I was talking to a chap with exceedingly good taste? 

It's difficult to have plans in these Covid times but  not letting that deter him, Robert would like to release another album and get his teeth into some more acting jobs and with his talent and determination I have no doubt they are things he will fulfil .In the meantime I recommend you listen in and "Listen Up"and catch him on: Website Facebook Twitter  Instagram Spotify YouTube
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