Road Man

I rarely offer up reviews straight away, I sit on someone's Twitter profile, not literally of course, apart from being extremely uncomfortable it would probably get me  arrested? 
But if I keep going back then it's for good reason and that's exactly what happened in the  case of  Road Man a.k.a Funk, Soul, Roots, Reggae man Jon Petronzio .
When I checked out his work, and  I'll get  to his new album shortly, it was the discovery of his 2014  album "Light At The Speed Of Life" and the opening track "Dangerous Road- Feat John Browns Body"  that kept reeling me back for another listen. 
 Jons vocals are  very clean cut and while in a lot cases that could equate to boring, it's anything but, in fact there's a vulnerability in his tone and an honesty in his delivery which is all part of the draw. With  "Chosen"  and it's Old School Funk vibe, I was transported at the speed of a Starsky & Hutch Car chase back to the 70's.  This album was a  13 track Slam Dunk Delight to listen to from start to finish & one I'd recommend you check  out in full.

A child piano prodigy, by the age of 12 Joe  was earning money playing ragtime in a local ice cream parlor, and after graduating with a B.A from the Ithaca College in New York he went on to form The Funk Band Revision recording six albums and averaging 150 shows a year. 
Having established himself  as a professional musician  he then decided to start  dabbling with some creative ideas. Ideas, as he says that would "Lead to the most  transformative time of my life"  Cue Road Man, the solo project that took him seven years to unleash on the public, blending not just a mix of genres, but also a whole mind, body, spirit experience . 

The latest album "Midnight Hour" also doesn't disappoint with it's mix of genres and Joe's distinctive pure tone, and once again the title track kept drawing me back for another listen, it has an uplifting musical drive but with lyrical substance that almost feels like opposite emotions colliding, but it works beautifully.  While "Daydream" just feels like a wonderful Old school reggae track  that had me hooked from the brass intro and my only grumble is there wasn't any more  noticeable moments of it during the track, but that aside, it whisks you back to an era of girl meets boy musical innocence and I absolutely love it.  

In light of what's going on in the UK right now I  couldn't help but nod in agreement at "The Other Side" and lyrics "I blame the leadership, the ones in charge, these are the criminals".
With over 14 years touring experience, Road Man has shared the stage with top of their game  artists including some of my own personal faves like Third WorldCollie Buddz, Freddie McGregor and Black Uhuru to name just a few and both albums have reached  an extremely impressive #1 of Billboard & Itunes chart, Jon said that he is a changed man since the start of the project and  he wants to " provide light at the end of the tunnel for others" And after listening to both of these offerings  I think he can safely tick yet another achievement off the list. If you'd like to find out more about Road Man, Download his music, show your support and follow on social media? then check out his website  for all the details.

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