The Org

As someone who was around at the birth of Rap & Hip-Hop, like a limb I have a deep attachment & affection for it, and while I'm excited to review all genres, Rap & Hip-Hop will always be home..........Cue The Org, Short for  "The Organisation"  & also  "Only Rep God "  aka Shawn "B Down" Chapman  & Clinton "360" Smith.  

having been a fan of these guys  for a number of years, I contacted them the other day just by chance to ask if they had anything coming up?  and as if by dream timing it turned out they were releasing their single "Assemble" at the end of this week...did I want to hear it?   And so Christmas dropped early via my inbox with the arrival of an MP3 file . 

Produced by  Mark "The 45 King"  James, the same music master behind Eminem "Stan" & Jay z "Hard Knock Life"  I was smiling like a Cheshire cat from the get go, from the beat to the lyrical flow, by it's evident old school vibe.

"Assemble" is everything that's good about the genre  & what's often missing in today's disposable  predictable, sexual, violent offerings. But don't take my word for it ....

 If that wasn't enough you also get   "Wim (Livin Right)"  so musically smooth it slides underneath from start to finish with another concrete lyrical performance  on its surface, produced by Grand Daddy IU whose worked with the likes of Tupac, Krs One & Roxanne Shanti, You just know The Org mean business.

Living In New Jersey, B down & 360  both met  during the 90's at the studio while working on separate projects, but it soon became apparent they shared the same music vision, to reach souls, inspire generations and bring something different to the Global table and thus The Org was formed and their music and their message just keep on soaring.  
The Single is available on Itunes from Monday 12th June & is the first single from their Album dropping in August. 

As well as their evident talent, B Down & 360 are two of the nicest guys in the business, badass music with a message doesn't have to be uncomfortable or negative, so if you have that stereotypical image of the genre?  then think again.  Go download the Single &  show them your love & support.  You can also follow their journey via  Instagram , Twitter & Facebook          

If you like listening to good Music then please share and show them your support.

                               Til next time, Stay Blessed
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