Musical Hide N Seek?

As someone who's keen to  
discover/support new bands/artists with a view to reviewing, I have to say I'm often driven nuts by the way so many showcase themselves badly to the point that I decided to write this little piece in the hope that some of you might take note, making my job a whole lot easier and also  helping you ?  

We're all busy people and live in a society where you can pretty much get anything in an instant, so with that in mind, why should anyone run around after you trying to find where you've hidden your music?                

The first faux pas is making someone  jump through hoops to hear even a snippet of your music when they've never heard of you or your band before. I'll give you an example of what I'm constantly coming across. 

I'll get a Twitter add from a band/artist and I'll click on their link and head on over to their page to hear what they sound like?......Er..where's the music? There's nothing pinned to the top of the page as there should be,  Single?  E.P?  Album? Video? something, even if its a snippet of a couple of tracks to wet the taste buds. This is simple enough to do by using  Soundcloud, Youtube, bandcamp etc and instantly show on your page without people having to leave Twitter. 

I start scrolling down the page going through the feed hoping to find something...anything  that might give me a clue as to what you sound like. As a fellow musician (Even if I use that term loosely) I have a bit of compassion because we all have to start somewhere and we all make mistakes, and after a zillion years of making music I'm still learning, you never stop. 

So as frustrating as it is, my musician head will still have a bit of compassion and will still jump through the odd hoop in the hope of finding what you're supposed to be showcasing, but take note, very few if any would or will. In the main, if someone comes to your page and can't instantly hear what you sound like, they'll be off. 
Then I'll spot your website in Twitter bio, and click through WOO HOO! on, where's the music? ....there's Pictures, About, News, Forthcoming gigs......Music? Sadly No, to do that i have to click on yet more links  to Spotify, Itunes etc by which point I give up the will to live, close the page and go find someone who is actually serious about showcasing their Music.

Twitter has long been the best platform for business and networking in all fields, and I believe it's only going to get bigger and better. With  "Buy" buttons  being trialed in the States that will eventually be  rolled out in the UK too, it won't be long before Twitter followers will be able to purchase your Music and Merchandise with a click of a button........but only if they can find it.  Unless your Drake, Beyonce or Ed Sheeran or any other well known artist/band nobody has got time to be playing games and  run around trying to find where you've hidden it. 

Adopt the mindset that nobody knows you......Why would they stop on your page longer than 3secs?  Grab them from the off, make it as quick and as easy as possible for them to hear what you're about .....always good when it comes to record companies, magazines, newspapers, radio stations etc . Whether it's Twitter, Facebook or any other platform,  don't hide the most important thing...your music.           
                                            Stay Blessed
                                       Back Before Elvis x