If you love music and you're on Twitter then make sure to follow @limey59music he is a great supporter of Unsigned music and i've discovered some fab stuff via him and was excited by this weeks discovery of  Tidelands & their album "Old Mill Park".  The duo from San Francisco California are made up of Songwriter Gabriel Montanta Leis who just happens to play the Flugelhorn among other instruments? 
( Yes, I had to google it too)  & Mie araki on drum & keyboards. 
As a Simpsons fan, I was first reeled in by the title of track "Dog named Bart"  swiftly followed by  the intro  (It's always a good sign when an intro grabs you by the nether regions)  and then in crept a violin and we haven't even got to the first verse, brilliant.  "Four strings and a wooden box" opens with the most beautiful orchestral arrangement by Minna Choi and performed by  Magik Magik Orchestra,  and there's a pattern developing here, these guys sure as hell know how to create an intro that like a magic spell hypnotizes from the off. Six worthy tracks in all & three other released albums to choose from.Their love for attention and unique creativity reminds me of Badly Drawn Boy. But enough chat, time to check them out for yourself:


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                                                             Til Next Time, Stay Blessed
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