Kate Dimbleby

It could be argued that most of us creative types are self-indulgent & I wouldn't disagree,  but once in a very rare blue moon, it's taken to a whole other level of genius. The last time I listened to such an album was Kanye Wests "My beautiful dark twisted fantasy" And then along comes the folk equivalent in Kate Dimbleby. 
Her Songbirds album recorded and released on the Independent Folkstock label 23rd February & produced by Lauren Deakin Davies is an absolute corker. 
The album is acapella, something we haven't had in the mainstream for many years and by layering her vocals Kate creates an exciting backing ambience that dances around & cradles her main vocal, techniques that were inspired by her time in New York learning from  Bobby "Don't Worry Be Happy" Mcferrin".

The daughter of broadcaster David Dimbleby and classically trained mother Josceline, Kate has already released five solo albums and toured the world with her one-woman show, but it's taken 20 yrs for her to show us what she's really all about and boy has it been worth the wait. Each track is an intimate honest performance that draws you in and holds you there until the very end and believe you me you won't want it to end. Songbird is a masterpiece that deserves every award going and I hope the industry delivers. The album is available   on Folkstock Records

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                                                            Til Next Time, Stay Blessed

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