Oka Vanga

Lights off, candles on and the sound of  folk and roots duo Oka Vanga aka William Cox & Angela Meyer float across the room. I'm instantly lost within the mystical music and vocals of  the Wicken Tree, which is the first track off their new album "Dance Of The Copper Trail"
It follows on from "Pilgrim" their award winning debut Instrumental album in 2014 & their 2015 EP release "Tales From Eyam" which after much persuasion from Wil, saw Angela introducing her alluring vocals. 

The same has to be said for this new album Co- produced by Mark Tucker & Angela Meyer & worthy of a mention. If you're lucky, you'll often find two or three stand out tracks on an album, I was on my sixth when I gave up.  Ashes To The Wind,  The Devils Tide, My Sweet Guitar...and they  kept on coming.

its a great album start to finish. From  guitar to mandolin to double bass (Oliver Copeland)  and a fiddle (Patsy Reid) to die for.  When it comes to musicianship this is a masterclass and one you'll want to be downloading. It's released on the 31st March but available for Pre Order from their website Oka Vanga
                                                          Til next time, Stay Blessed  
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